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Friday, October 26, 2018

Goodbye K8 Kamper

This has been the most horrid camping year... I haven't taken a camper out even ONCE this year. I did spend two nights in my backpacking tent and that was nice. But owning two unused campers seemed like a bad idea. I couldn't decide which camper to sell though! I love them both. Polly is my personal retreat and K8 was good for camping with friends and family. Also nice to have that air conditioning!

Ultimately, I decided to sell K8. The decision was actually made for me. When I opened Polly up there was a large tear in the tent! I was devastated! But I couldn't sell her in that condition! Rationalizing the sale was made easier, too. By selling the larger camper, I could replace the tent on the smaller. I might even put air on her. So, Ms K8 has a new home and I hope they love her. I sent all her decor with her.

Now, it's just Polly. I ordered her tent and it is finished. It will come next week. Polly will fit into the garage. And maybe next year will be better. I still have a couple of tents for family camping...
I hear the sound of nature calling me...

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