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Life is a journey. Not a destination.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gift Giving

I just wrote out an entire post on this topic and my app failed...  ugh. So, now I have to try to rethink it! 

I love giving GOOD gifts. But finding a gift that is good and appropriate is sometimes so complicated! In my original post I was thinking about how jaded I can become over the entire concept of gift giving, especially do to the endless spew of advertising! Diamonds, cars, ...  seriously?

I have a grandchild to give a gift to. I know that her other grandmothers will be buying her great gifts.  I don't know what the child has or doesn't have.  Gift giving challenge. I don't want to try to "out buy" anyone over this.  So, I have had to rethink my gift "standards". 

Being a somewhat crafty person, I decided that I need to give gifts that reflect my love for the recipient somehow. God created this model with His Christmas gift.  Emmanuel - God with us.

My prayer this morning is that my gifts will somehow reflect not only MY love for others, but also GOD'S LOVE.  I thank God that His love doesn't involve money!