The Journey ~

Life is a journey. Not a destination.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Rain, rain, rain

It was a super rainy (and cool) May, and so far June hasn't been a whole lot better. My camping so far this year? ZILCH! I put K8 up and slept out with 2 dogs. They both failed the campground test.  They barked too often.  We slept great though. K8 looks good to go.  Now I have Polly up in the drive. She needs cleaning and canvas treatment.  The canvas is soaking up water.  Not letting any through but it's far too wet. So today, on the advise of the Pop-up Princess, I ordered 303 brand products from Amazon to clean and water repel my canvas.
I am probably not going to get much camping in this year.  I hate it but I AM going to Standing Rock reservation in July and to Scotland and Ireland  next March.
If I ever go back to keeping this blog, I will post what we did and how we did it last October when we went to China. And maybe some of my other trips. .. maybe...

Friday, April 27, 2018

Created in His Likeness

I'm fascinated by how the message of "Creativity IS a gift to be used as a ministry" has penetrated my life. It's so life giving to me, and validates me as a spiritual being!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Holy week monotangle

This is the Diva Challenge for this week, to use Paradox as a monotangle. I fully intended to continue to paradox in the black spaces with white but when I got this far I felt that it was finished. As Christ said "It is finished". On Easter I may add the white paradox...