The Journey ~

Life is a journey. Not a destination.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Looking up at the blue sky through the roof (w/o fly) of my little tent. :-)

OH WHAT PLANS I HAVE!  I have been looking at all sorts of GLAMPING ideas and realized that I have been doing this for years!  Especially with my "home camp". I don't think I have any photos in this computer, but will post from my other computer next time and show photos!  SOOO, I am thinking that I am going to have the "cutest" little campsite around! :-)

Is it insane to want TWO tents of the same style but different size?  My four man Coleman Evanston Screened tent is great for ME, but for sharing...  well, unless we were just sleeping, it just isn't big enough.  So, if I had a 6 man Coleman Evanston Screened tent, then it would be big enough to sit in if there's a rain or whatever.

Had to cancel my Ohio visit.  Well, postpone it.  So, since I am home, best be gettin' busy!

Happy trails to you!