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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Polly's sister needs a name!

I have Polly's sister popped up. She needs a name. Is Poppy too redundant? In Victoria I visited a beautiful garden that grew BLUE poppies. They were really blue and amazing. I think Poppy would be a name, but a good name?

Anyway,  I bought a sweet purple rug and made some curtains and pillows today. I actually think she is done.  Less is more when kids are camping! I think I will go through the old toys.  We might need a few in the camper, maybe.

So, the kids side is bright and open. MY side has a curtain.  ☺

March Madness?

The big news is (drum roll, please) that I purchased another Livin Lite Quicksilver. The 8.0 has 2 bunkends and a drop down table to bed. The Quicksilver brand is all aluminum. They are trying to make them look a little warmer in the 2016 model with a vinyl wood look floor and champagne color walls but basically, the models are cold and stripped down. I have a sink and air conditioning though no propane. 

So, why buy a used stripped down aluminum camper for the same cost as a nice new pop up? One reason - weight. Base weight is 860, gvwr is 1400. Well within my Forester's 2400 lb rating. I am going to load it and take it to the county recycling center where there is a scale to get a good weight. I don't expect to need trailer brakes though. Secondary reason for a LL QS, and a good one, is that being all aluminum means no rot!

My new camper needs a name. The decor is going to be "cheerful" and she is designated to be fun for our grands.  

So, here she is! Polly Pop-up's big sister! (OH! I am keeping Polly! At least for now!)